Tapolczai-Zsuráfszky Lilla

Bartók and the Cricket's Wedding

Illusztrátor: Kiss Anna

Napraforgó Kft, 2023

24 oldal , Kemény kötés

Have you ever heard of the hurdy-gurdy? Do you know how to play the bagpipe? What does the cimbalom sound like? Learn all about the traditional folk musical instruments and songs of the Hungarian countryside. The famous Hungarian composer, Béla Bartók, and the birds of the forest will guide you on your way.

In this book, with the help of the 13 buttons sound module, children can get a real, authentic yet modern experience of Hungarian folk heritage. The story by Lilla Tapolczai-Zsuráfszky, the music played by her friends and the illustrations by Anna Kiss will help the reader to become acquainted with this wonderful world.

Elérhetőség: rendelhető

Várható szállítási idő: 3- 5 munkanap

Teljes ár: 5990 Ft
Aktuális ár: 5092 Ft
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