Baranyai (b) András

Travelling Europe

Illusztrátor: Baranyai (b) András

Pagony, 2014

12 oldal , Kemény kötés

The Globe family are going on a long trip: they’re packing up their little car and taking a tour of Europe's cities! Starting in Budapest, they're driving to Rome, then onto Paris and London, Amsterdam and Berlin. And they’re sure to find something for everyone because Dad loves good food, Mum’s a big fan of famous buildings, Bálint’s a football fanatic, and Lea adores princesses. Take a good look at the pictures and discover a mass of fascinating facts! Each country is different in its own special way: local folks eat different food, local musicians play different music, local children read different stories – and, of course, each and every capital city has its own local landmarks! Look at each picture and see if you can spot... the Globe family, a wandering dog, a policeman, fairytale heroes, Japanese tourists, street musicians, a boy climbing a wall, and a national flag! Look at each picture and see just how different these cities really are... the way people travel around, the food they eat, the local wildlife, the national football squad, and the art that locals like to look at.

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