Janikovszky Éva

A nagy zuhé - The Great Rain

Illusztrátor: Réber László

Móra Kiadó, 2011

40 oldal , Kemény kötés

Two people are waiting at the bus stop. Bill Danilovich MacKonov – we will honour him with his full name – spaceman, inventor and future hero, and Son of White Deer, who despite the name is a girl and full-blooded Indian to boot. Her princess hair is tied back with an elastic band and she can do just a tiny bit of magic. As they stand around waiting for the bus it begins to rain. And in the pouring rain they begin to talk. About an invention which is like an umbrella but with sides and a bottom, and you can look out of it and go into it. Now isn"t that an original idea?

Elérhetőség: rendelhető

Várható szállítási idő: 3- 5 munkanap

Teljes ár: 3999 Ft
Aktuális ár: 3399 Ft
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