At School at Last
  • 5-12

Janikovszky Éva

At School at Last

Illusztrátor: Réber László

Móra Kiadó, 2012

52 oldal , Kemény kötés

What joy and pride is associated with one’s first school satchel! This happy fact is proof that its wearer is now a schoolchild. Danny proudly, happily wends his way to school, where his enthusiasm wanes somewhat but his curiosity grows. To the question put by grown-ups, “Is school a good thing?” - Danny cannot provide an answer. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes bad. His little friend Kitty, who has had to stay another year in nursery school, is curious to know what good school is at all, together with the ability to write, read and count. She decides that she will stay at nursery school because she wants to become a nursery-school teacher, and they teach that in nursery school anyway. Don’t they? We recommend Éva Janikovszky’s playfully written, jolly little book, with its enchantingly colourful illustrations by László Réber, to lower-year schoolchildren and to their parents alike. Translated by Andrew C. Rouse

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